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Busy bags cheap DIY activities – Crea-Cross

Busy bags cheap DIY activities – Crea-Cross

Week 13 of Crea-cross already… Maybe I should have know the number 13 wouldn’t work so well! busy bags

If you don’t know Crea-cross you can read about it on the crea-cross 2017 page above.


This week Marije is my co-host.  I’m so happy she took this difficult prompt and I’m curious to see what she did with it.


As I already said, I found this a difficult prompt.  I wonder if I would have had this idea if the internet wouldn’t exist.  But than again, I wouldn’t want to blog either.
I started googling and pinteresting and came accross great activities for children, put in a quiet bags or busy bags.
Activities they can do on their own, without any help and in silence… hear hear 😉
Because we mothers, do need some piece and quiet sometimes! 😉

Busy bags diy

Colorful feathers in velt pockets.

I bought colored feathers and felt in a local dollar shop and made pockets out of the felt.  With some scissors and textile glue that’s easy peasy!
When finished this is a sorting activity!

Counting with small clothes pins

I found these lovey baby pink and baby blue clothes pins.
I drew some circles with numers on them on the computer and laminated the circles.  This activity is for sorting and counting.
The number of pins and the color of the pins should be correct.
Smaller children can just sort by color.

Button sorting.

Using pipe cleaners and buttons in de same colors, I made a sorting branch.
Very easy and cheap an works like charm.

reusable garland

With long pieces of felt and self-adhesive velcro I made this reusable garland.  My youngest loved it.  I want to make this in several colors, so that we can reuse them at the birthday parties of the kids.    In the movie you can see how she puts it together.  (It is in Dutch, my daughter doens’t speak English 😉 )
For the older childeren I put a card with possible color patterns into the bag.  That way it’s more challenging for them.

My first sewing project.

I also found a little I spy bag I wanted to sew, but fair is fair, I’ve never sewn before.  Using the manual I did my first sewing project.
I got the machine to stitch and everything!
But I should have taken more time to prepare thoroughly!  It is safe to use, but it looks like … euhm well – sorry ‘shit’!



I am going to do this again though!  I found a great tutorial! 🙂

 Pinterest board for busy bags activities

I made a pinterest board to put all the silence bag or busy bags ideas on, because I really like this idea!  Welcome to join!


Next week the prompt is Letters… so handlettering people, please join in! 😉



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Jackson Pollock marble paintings for al ages

Jackson Pollock marble paintings for al ages

Hello everybody!
Welcome to another creative challenge linkparty!  This week the prompt is movement and that wasn’t very easy for me.
Lucky for me I had a trainee teacher who had a lovely project for the fast workers worked out a few weeks ago.

New here?

Maybe it’s your first visit here on Kreanimo and maybe you don’t have a clue what the linkparty crea-cross is all about?!
Well if that’s the case, please go to the crea-cross 2017 page and read some more.

My co-host this week:

Every week there is another Dutch or Belgian blogger who joins in and is my co-host.  Those articles are in Dutch, but they can still inspire.  Please visit Lodi, my co-host for this week!
She has been one of the most enthusiastic participants up to now.

Movement: Crea-cross week 12


Extra activity for fast workers

A couple of weeks ago I had a trainee art teacher in my artroom.  That doesn’t happen too often, but I’m always happy to see young people with new ideas.
It can inspire me.
She had an extra activity for the fast workers.  It was so much fun, most of the kids finished very fast, so they could do the extra activity rather than the original project.

Jackson Pollock

The Action painter, known for his ‘dripping’ technique is Jackson Pollock.  He was an American artist that belongs to the Abstract Expressionism.
He believed that his subconscious told him how to move his brushes and cans.  I don’t think my 14 year olds would by that though!  But experimenting with paint and marbles is for all ages, so it seemed!

Jackson Pollock mini biography

Download here your mini biography of Jackson Pollock

Marble movement on paper

When you move marbles with paint over a sheet of paper, you get works of art very similar to those of Jackson Pollock.
Certainly when you use the primary colors, black and white.
You should protect tables and clothes.
For younger children I wouldn’t use acrylic paint.


shoebox lids
little plastic pots for different colors of paint
protection for table and clothes

Step by step

  1. cover the table and clothes
  2. put a sheet of paper in the lid of the shoe box
  3. lay the marbles in the paint
  4. drop the marbles on the sheet of paper
  5. move the marbles so they ‘paint’ all over the sheet
  6. let it dry


8th grade results:

The autograph

Maybe you see a fingerprint here or there? Those are the autographs of the artists, just like Pollock!


Next week: silence

Next week’s prompt is silence… not so easy!  Hope to see you again next week!

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Purse – wishbag – crochet pattern – crea-cross Tiny

Purse – wishbag – crochet pattern – crea-cross Tiny

Purse – wishbag crochet pattern

A while ago I had a friend who needed to be sheered up a bit.  She needed some luck.  On Ravelry I vout the pattern of Shana at the Chris and Shana’s craft shack.
Shana made a little bag that could be used to wrap presents in.  So cute!
I made the bag even smaller and made it into a wishbag.  A little purse you can wear around your neck with your dearest wish inside, to wear close to your heart!

When the wishbag was finished, I gave it to my friend and posted a picture in my Ravelry gallery. Shana liked it and asked if she could use my picture as a featured picture.  I felt honored, so I said she could.
I asked her if I could translate the pattern into Dutch and post in on my own blog.  She like the idea, but I never go round to it.
Today the tiny wishbag fits the prompt of the linkparty, so I made the time to translate it – finally! 😉


The petite purse pattern – wishbag

Here at the English post, I’m nog going to translate the pattern! 😉
If you love this little purse as much as I do or if you’d love to make a wishbag too, you can find the pattern here.

Happy Crochet time!

Pin the pattern for later?

You can pin this picturen for later on if you wish.  🙂


Broomstick stitch: infinity and beyond scarf – crea-cross

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Print a travel journal for your kids to fill in.

Print a travel journal for your kids to fill in.

When you travel, pictures will help you to capture the beautiful moments. Although, pictures just don’t capture ‘being there’ if you ask me. To be able to remember more, to keep the little things in mind it is a good idea to write things you eat and places you visit down into a travel journal.

I created a travel journal printable for kids. It is very easy to use.
It has a ‘pasport’ and they can circle the weather of the day. They can tell what they ate. How did they travel and how long was their journey?

Print a travel journal

These printables can be printed and glued in little A5 booklets.  I chose spirals, just because that works better when the kids have to color and write in them.
The Passport has to be printed out just once.
The other pages can be printed as many times as needed.  When your journey takes ten days, just print them out ten times.

Hope you have lots of fun traveling and using this free printable

Take care and see you soon


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Princess Poppy hat – free chrochet pattern crea-cross

Princess Poppy hat – free chrochet pattern crea-cross

 Dress-up like Poppy

If you haven’t seen the movie yet: shame on you! 😉
Such a lovely movie!  And even boys can enjoy Glitter with is glitter farts! 😉
Since we’ve seen the movie my oldest daughter is really into Trolls.
I found some patterns online how to crochet a Poppy hat already, but when you put eyes on the hat, the kids who puts in on his head seems to have four eyes from where I was standing.
So I started to crochet my own Poppy hat … today I’m going to share the pattern with you all:

Princess Poppy hat dress-up:

Princess Poppy hat

I crocheted two hats for my girls ( 2,5 years and 4,5 years old!)
I used a 4,5 mm. crochet hook. (G-size)

Princess Poppy hat – 3 to 6 years old

R1: 8 sc in magic loop (8)
R2: 2 sc in every st (16)
R3: [1 sc, 2 sc in next st.] 8 times  (24)
R4: 1 sc in every st (24)
R5: [sc in next sc, 2 sc in next sc] 12 times (36)
R6: sc in every sc (36)
R7: [sc in next two sc, 2 sc in next sc] 12 times ( 48)
R8: sc in every sc (48)
R9: [sc in next 2 sc, 2 sc in next sc] 12 times(60)
R10: sc in every st (60)
R11: [sc in next 4 st, 2 sc in next st] 12 keer (72)
R12-28: sc in next 72 st

Ears of the Princess Poppy hat

The first ear starts where you stop with row 28 of the hat.
The ears are crocheted in row.
R 1:1 ch,14 sc in next st. (15)
T2-6: 1 turning chain and 1 sc in al 15  st. (15)
T7: 1 turning chain, 2sctog, 11 sc, 2sctog
T8: 1 turning chain, 2sctog, 9 sc, 2sctog
T9: 1 turning chain, 2sctog, 7 sc, 2sctog
T10: 1 turning chain, 2sctog, 5 sc, 2sctog
T11: 1 turning chain, 2sctog, 3 sc, 2sctog
T12: 1 tuning chain, 2sctog, 1 sc, 2sctog (3)
finish off

Skip 25 on the left of the first ear and  reattach – repeat the part of the ears a second time.

Fold the ears upwards and the to the front.  The edge of the backside of the ears is on the edge of the hat that way (see the pictures)

Crochet the 2 folded parts of the ear to the edge of the hat with 4 secure stitches.


Count 5 rows from the edge of the hat and attach the color of the headband.
Crochet through the stitches of the 5th row a chain around the hat.
The second row of the hairband you crochet one secure in every stitch.
You finish the hairband with one double crochet in every secure stitch.




Cut pink yarn in pieces of 20-25 cm en put them into the stitches of the hat.
The first that I made, I made way too many strings.  It works with less too!

If you have enough of them, you have to unroll the yarn in the seperate threads of the yarn.
When every string of yarn is unrolled into into seperate strings you can brush the troll hair with a dog comb. (works best!)

At the front you can attach a few pieces too, because Poppy has some strings of hair that fall next to her ears.

Details of the Princess Poppy hat with felt.

I cut some flower petals from colored felt and glued them onto the hairband with textile glue.
That way, the hat looks like a real Poppy hat!

Mommy I want a Princess Poppy hat too

And yes, when you finally finished the first hat. (Finally, ’cause the hair does take a while!), the youngest wanted a hat too…
Oh well, it looks so cute!

When they were both finished the girls were in their pyjama’s, just out of the bath tub… but they just had to do a fitting session! 😉

verkleden als poppy

Next week’s prompt is ‘on the road’

As easy as this weeks challenge will be, as hard will be the next one!  I’m really curious what you will all link this week and next week!


Save for later?  Pin this picture:

Princess Poppy hat

Maybe you would like the unicorn bag for kids too? You can find the pattern here. 

The Anna Hat is another free pattern on my blog. 

Love is in the ART x8 inspirational artist!

Love is in the ART x8 inspirational artist!

Today it’s Valentine’s day!  You can’t ‘not’ notice it!  Not even when you are single or alone (like me, my husband’s in Canada for ten days) or in love.
Maybe you don’t celebrate it at all and maybe you think it’s way too commercial! But this time of year, hearts are all around! So let’s take a closer look to those artists who did some Love is in the art projects!

Love is in the ART

I’m going to share some great artists today, who can inspire you to do ‘Love’ and ‘Heart’ projects in school or at home with your kids.
Hope you like them!

There’s so much love in the art! 😉

Jim Dine

The American Pop-art artist Jim Dine has a series of heart paintings.  He uses contrast in his work and is ideal to talk about warm and cool colors.

Jim Dine, 'Four Hearts' 1969

Romero Britto

The Brazilian artist Romero Britto also has Pop-art influences.  His hearts have a thick black border and often the hearts are divided in several compartments.  Inside the new shapes he draws patterns.
Kids love him because of his use of bright colors.

Picture from – for sale as print!

Peter Max

My personal favorite of Max’s paintins is this one where the two hearts become one… True love! 😉

Picture at: For sale as printout at the same webshop.

Robert Indiana

Maybe the name doesn’t ring a bell, but the statue certainly will!  THE love sculpture!

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor robert indiana love
Picture at:

You can also let the kids use other words like hope, luck, like, flow, moon, soft, …
And it doesn’t have to be a sculpture, it can be a drawing too!

Keith Haring

Let’s not forget our friend Keith Haring.  Know for his simplified figures and also a real pop-art artist.
He has several works of art where a heart is central!


The human figures are very easy to draw by children and his color use really appeals to them!

Burton Morris

And yes, yet another Pop-art artist who used hearts!   Burton Morris.
At the blog Kid’s artist you can find a step by step tutorial by Jacquelien how to make a collage just like Morris!


Afbeelding van Tekenen En zo.

Chris Uphues

Hearts with faces!  That’s Chris Uphues!  This is a great project to talk about feelings and colors that go with certain feelings.
Big eyed hearts… the kids will love them for sure!

Happy Heart Card Set of 8
Picture at Lovely shop with cards, gifts,… at the same website!

Peter Anton

Like clay more?  Than Peter Anton’s your man to talk about!  His giant chocolate boxes look so yummy! Looking at his work wil make you hungry!

Picture at


Remember these love is in the art later?  Pin it!

Love is in the ART

Nice of you to drop by!  Have I forgotten any artists according to you?  I’d love to hear in the comments! More love is in the art is welcome!

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Barbie hat – crochet in round.

Barbie hat – crochet in round.

When I was young, one of my aunts was great at knitting! She knitted all kinds of clothes vor my Barbie doll. I thought, now I can crochet, it must be doable to make some Barbie clothes as well. I started with a Barbie hat and scarf:

A Barbie hat and scarf.

When you crochet amigurumi, you work in circles, so in the round.
This hat isn’t an amigurumi, but I did crochet in circles!  The Barbie doll of my daughter got a lovely little hat and scarf.
The pattern is uper easy and every beginner can try this! It’s really a piece of cake!

Those little projects are ideal for leftover yarn… very ecological!

With the thread of the magic loop I sew a little craft pompon on top of the Barbie hat for the finishing touch!

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Frozen tealight holders- DIY

Frozen tealight holders- DIY

Frozen tealight holders  DIY

frozen tealight holders

What do you need to make these Frozen tealight holders?

Little empty glass yoghurt jars, a glue gun with white/transparant glue and tealights!
Be sure to use the white/transparant glue.  The yellow colored won’t look like ‘ice’! 😉

This is a nice way to upcycle empty glasses!

How do you make Frozen tealight holders?

Let the glue gun heat up.  Be sure that you use the transparant glue, as I already said.
Start at the edge of the glass jar and go around.  Don’t make all the icicles the same length. Try to vary: a short one, a longer one,…

Let the glue iciles cool down.

Working with a glue gun, you will often have thin glue threads.  You can use tweezers to pick them off.  Be sure the glue has cooled before you start with the tweezers, though! 😉


Ikea Hack DIY wrapping paper with Mala drawing paper

Ikea Hack DIY wrapping paper with Mala drawing paper

ikea hack DIY wrapping paper


Oh no! Out of wrapping paper

I’m so good in not having enough wrapping paper or being out of wrapping paper on the most frustrating moments.
Since I have thought about this hack, I always have spare paper at home.
The best thing about this hack is the fun the kids have when stamping it together, no doubt about it!

Ikea hack DIY wrapping paper with Mala drawing paper.

A few weeks ago I bought foam stamps that go nicely with Christmas decorations.  There’s an angel, a christmastree, a bell, a snow-flake and a gingerbread man.
I have foam stamps in many different designs, so you could do this one for easter or a birthday too!
If you don’t have those stamps, you can do wonders with a pototo! 😉

Supplies you need:
* Mala drawing paper from Ikea
* gouache paint (Acrylic works too, but I wouldn’t recommend it with children!)
* foam stamps or potatoes
* paintbrushes

Ikea hack DIY wrapping paper: step by step

  1. Put a large piece op the paper on the table and use tape on the edges to flatten
  2. Make a plate for every color you want to use and put a brush on it.
  3. Explain to the kids that you use a different brush for each color.
  4. Show them how it’s done: paint the stamp with the brush and ‘stamp’ on the piece of paper on the table.
  5. Tell the kids to spread around the designs and the colors.
  6. Make sure they stamp on all the empty spaces, so the wrapping paper looks ‘full’
  7. Let the wrapping paper dry
  8. Let the wrapping begin!


Don’t let them use the paint too thick.  That way it won’t smudge!

Personal is so much more

Personal wrapping paper is so much more… So even if you arn’t ‘out’, you can still use this hack to make wrapping paper.  It’s fun to do and quite cheap.



This is how the presents looked when my son (6) and my eldest daughter (4) helped stamping and wrapping!  Hope you’ll all like this hack!  Merry Christmas!
Please let me know if you use this ikea hack DIY wrapping paper, I’m curious to see your results!


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Cutest bauble DIY – And throw away the color schemes!

Cutest bauble DIY – And throw away the color schemes!

Yesterday we brought some Christmas spirit in the house.
My husband is leaving vor Quebec today and we really wanted to decorate the tree together.
Last year he went to China for his job for three long weeks.
This time it’s just for one week and he has to fly a measly eight hours!  China is about ten to twelve hours from Schiphol.

Christmas decoration inside and outside the house.


cutest bauble

Boxes with Christmas lights, baubles and other ornaments were brought down from the attic.  We started all together, it has become a tradition to do the decorating with the whole family.
I really thought I had broken the top ornament last year, but there was one in the box!  Did I really buy a new one already without remembering?
And there it was, my all time favorite bauble, the custest bauble for our tree: the one with the snowy handpring of my youngest.
She made this one at her nanny last year.  I absolutely adore it.

cutest bauble

The cutest bauble step by step:

  1. Buy a bauble, preferably one that doesn’t break, because it can break you heart when it shatters into pieces after 16 years 😉
  2. Paint the hand of your child with DIY glue.
  3. Put the handprint on the bauble
  4. Sprinkle some fake snow or glitter on the glue.
  5. Let it dry.
  6. Put a nice ribbon on it too, so it’s easy to hang it in the tree.
  7. Your cutest bauble is ready to make you smile every year when you decorate the tree!

Pinecone flower craft – all year long!

Throw out the color scheme.

The color of our cutest bauble doesn’t really fit the color scheme I picked out. Before I had kids that would have been a reason to not put it in.
But now there’s a ‘Cars’ bauble and one of ‘Minnie Mouse’, there are handmade ornaments the kids painted in bright (but wrong color scheme) colors.
And still, now our three is more beautiful than ever.  The decorations on the lower half are bigger in numbers too, the higher the less there is to look at.
So I threw out the color scheme.  Memories that go along with all the ornaments make the tree much more special now than years ago!


Thanks to nanny Cindy who always finds beautiful DIY crafts to do with the kids!