Princess Poppy hat – free chrochet pattern crea-cross

Princess Poppy hat – free chrochet pattern crea-cross

 Dress-up like Poppy

If you haven’t seen the movie yet: shame on you! 😉
Such a lovely movie!  And even boys can enjoy Glitter with is glitter farts! 😉
Since we’ve seen the movie my oldest daughter is really into Trolls.
I found some patterns online how to crochet a Poppy hat already, but when you put eyes on the hat, the kids who puts in on his head seems to have four eyes from where I was standing.
So I started to crochet my own Poppy hat … today I’m going to share the pattern with you all:

Princess Poppy hat dress-up:

Princess Poppy hat

I crocheted two hats for my girls ( 2,5 years and 4,5 years old!)
I used a 4,5 mm. crochet hook. (G-size)

Princess Poppy hat – 3 to 6 years old

R1: 8 sc in magic loop (8)
R2: 2 sc in every st (16)
R3: [1 sc, 2 sc in next st.] 8 times  (24)
R4: 1 sc in every st (24)
R5: [sc in next sc, 2 sc in next sc] 12 times (36)
R6: sc in every sc (36)
R7: [sc in next two sc, 2 sc in next sc] 12 times ( 48)
R8: sc in every sc (48)
R9: [sc in next 2 sc, 2 sc in next sc] 12 times(60)
R10: sc in every st (60)
R11: [sc in next 4 st, 2 sc in next st] 12 keer (72)
R12-28: sc in next 72 st

Ears of the Princess Poppy hat

The first ear starts where you stop with row 28 of the hat.
The ears are crocheted in row.
R 1:1 ch,14 sc in next st. (15)
T2-6: 1 turning chain and 1 sc in al 15  st. (15)
T7: 1 turning chain, 2sctog, 11 sc, 2sctog
T8: 1 turning chain, 2sctog, 9 sc, 2sctog
T9: 1 turning chain, 2sctog, 7 sc, 2sctog
T10: 1 turning chain, 2sctog, 5 sc, 2sctog
T11: 1 turning chain, 2sctog, 3 sc, 2sctog
T12: 1 tuning chain, 2sctog, 1 sc, 2sctog (3)
finish off

Skip 25 on the left of the first ear and  reattach – repeat the part of the ears a second time.

Fold the ears upwards and the to the front.  The edge of the backside of the ears is on the edge of the hat that way (see the pictures)

Crochet the 2 folded parts of the ear to the edge of the hat with 4 secure stitches.


Count 5 rows from the edge of the hat and attach the color of the headband.
Crochet through the stitches of the 5th row a chain around the hat.
The second row of the hairband you crochet one secure in every stitch.
You finish the hairband with one double crochet in every secure stitch.




Cut pink yarn in pieces of 20-25 cm en put them into the stitches of the hat.
The first that I made, I made way too many strings.  It works with less too!

If you have enough of them, you have to unroll the yarn in the seperate threads of the yarn.
When every string of yarn is unrolled into into seperate strings you can brush the troll hair with a dog comb. (works best!)

At the front you can attach a few pieces too, because Poppy has some strings of hair that fall next to her ears.

Details of the Princess Poppy hat with felt.

I cut some flower petals from colored felt and glued them onto the hairband with textile glue.
That way, the hat looks like a real Poppy hat!

Mommy I want a Princess Poppy hat too

And yes, when you finally finished the first hat. (Finally, ’cause the hair does take a while!), the youngest wanted a hat too…
Oh well, it looks so cute!

When they were both finished the girls were in their pyjama’s, just out of the bath tub… but they just had to do a fitting session! 😉

verkleden als poppy

Next week’s prompt is ‘on the road’

As easy as this weeks challenge will be, as hard will be the next one!  I’m really curious what you will all link this week and next week!


Save for later?  Pin this picture:

Princess Poppy hat

Maybe you would like the unicorn bag for kids too? You can find the pattern here. 

The Anna Hat is another free pattern on my blog. 

22 Replies to “Princess Poppy hat – free chrochet pattern crea-cross”

  1. Hi, just want to day I love this hat!I can’t wait to make it for my granddaughter. I do have one question though, I’ve looked again and again but can’t find anywhere that you state which yarn to use. You give a size for the crochet hook, but not the yarn, could you please clarify for me.

    1. Hey Wendy, nice that you are going to try this project. The yarn I used was light-medium worsted. (For a 4 mm. To 4,5 mm. Hook). Hope that helps. Greetings from Belgium.

      1. Thank-you Ilsa, hopefully I can do your pattern justice. I’m looking forward to trying it soon. 🙂
        Greetings to you from Adelaide, South Australia.

  2. I’m making this for a cosplay. How would I increase it? my last cosplay was stan from south park crochet hat and ended up being 21 inches around.

    1. I would increase like this – I used this for another hat as a base – and this was the small adult size… :
      Rnd 1: Begin with magic loop of 8 SC **8 sts
      Rnd 2: [2 SC in next st] 8 times **16 sts
      Rnd 3: [SC in next st, 2 SC in next st] 8 times **24 sts
      Rnd 4: SC in next 24 sts **24 sts
      Rnd 5: [SC in next st, 2 SC in next st] 12 times **36 sts
      Rnd 6: SC in next 36 sts **36 sts
      Rnd 7: [SC in next 2 sts, 2 SC in next st] 12 times **48 sts
      Rnd 8: SC in next 48 sts **48 sts
      Rnd 9: [SC in next 3 sts, 2 SC in next st] 12 times **60 sts
      Rnd 10: SC in next 60 sts **60 sts
      Rnd 11: [SC in next 4 sts, 2 SC in next st] 12 times **72 sts
      Rnd 12: SC in next 72 sts **72 sts
      Rnd 13: [SC in next 8, 2 SC in next st] 8 times **80 sts
      Rnds 14-30: SC in next 80 sts **80 sts Sl st in next st and continue on to ears working in rows
      Row 1: Ch 1, SC in 1st st and next 15 sts **16 sts
      Rows 2-6: TCh 1, SC in 1st st and next 15 sts **16 sts
      Row 7: TCh 1, SC Dec, SC in next 12 sts, SC Dec **14 sts
      Row 8: TCh 1, SC Dec, SC in next 10 sts, SC Dec **12 sts
      Row 9: TCh 1, SC Dec, SC in next 8 sts, SC Dec **10 sts
      Row 10: TCh 1, SC Dec, SC in next 6 sts, SC Dec **8 sts
      Row 11: TCh 1, SC Dec, SC in next 4 sts, SC Dec **6 sts
      Row 12: TCh 1, SC Dec, SC in next 2 sts, SC Dec **4 sts
      Row 13: TCh 1, SC Dec, SC Dec **2 sts Finish off.

    1. I started right under the headband. Not sure what row right now and I can’t go and count, because I’m on holiday! Let me know if you can’t figure it out, I’ll go count at home in a few weeks! 😉

  3. do you chain one and turn after each row or just keep going around? Thanks!

  4. Do you have a dj suki pattern as well? My daughters are being trolls for Halloween.

    1. Never thought about it to make one… I guess you could use this pattern as a base and use other colors of yarn. But the rasta hair makes me wonder… I am on holiday right now. But I’ll look into it at home.

  5. I am needing help please? i am not sure i understand your terminology in the pattern. I have made it to the Hairband. i I am not understanding a Secure stitch and How to do the chain to start it. Help!!!!!!!

  6. Hello, can you help me? I would like to make this for a 1 yr. old how do I adjust the pattern?

  7. I love this! Thanks for sharing!! I am making this for my daughter for Halloween. I adjusted the increases so my husband and I can also wear one. I think you have a typo in R9. I couldn’t get the stitch count to work, but it works when there is a [SC in next 3 sc, and 2 sc in next sc] 12 times

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