Frozen tealight holders- DIY

Frozen tealight holders- DIY

Frozen tealight holders  DIY

frozen tealight holders

What do you need to make these Frozen tealight holders?

Little empty glass yoghurt jars, a glue gun with white/transparant glue and tealights!
Be sure to use the white/transparant glue.  The yellow colored won’t look like ‘ice’! 😉

This is a nice way to upcycle empty glasses!

How do you make Frozen tealight holders?

Let the glue gun heat up.  Be sure that you use the transparant glue, as I already said.
Start at the edge of the glass jar and go around.  Don’t make all the icicles the same length. Try to vary: a short one, a longer one,…

Let the glue iciles cool down.

Working with a glue gun, you will often have thin glue threads.  You can use tweezers to pick them off.  Be sure the glue has cooled before you start with the tweezers, though! 😉


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