Purse – wishbag – crochet pattern – crea-cross Tiny

Purse – wishbag – crochet pattern – crea-cross Tiny

Purse – wishbag crochet pattern

A while ago I had a friend who needed to be sheered up a bit.  She needed some luck.  On Ravelry I vout the pattern of Shana at the Chris and Shana’s craft shack.
Shana made a little bag that could be used to wrap presents in.  So cute!
I made the bag even smaller and made it into a wishbag.  A little purse you can wear around your neck with your dearest wish inside, to wear close to your heart!

When the wishbag was finished, I gave it to my friend and posted a picture in my Ravelry gallery. Shana liked it and asked if she could use my picture as a featured picture.  I felt honored, so I said she could.
I asked her if I could translate the pattern into Dutch and post in on my own blog.  She like the idea, but I never go round to it.
Today the tiny wishbag fits the prompt of the linkparty, so I made the time to translate it – finally! 😉


The petite purse pattern – wishbag

Here at the English post, I’m nog going to translate the pattern! 😉
If you love this little purse as much as I do or if you’d love to make a wishbag too, you can find the pattern here.

Happy Crochet time!

Pin the pattern for later?

You can pin this picturen for later on if you wish.  🙂


Broomstick stitch: infinity and beyond scarf – crea-cross

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