Broomstick stitch: infinity and beyond scarf – crea-cross

Broomstick stitch: infinity and beyond scarf – crea-cross

Summer scarf

I was looking for a summer scarf and found a lovely pattern called the infinity and beyond broomstick scarf.  I never heard of the broomstick stitch when I made this scarf.  I had to google to know what it was exactly.  The broomstick stitch is made with a very large hook. I used 35 (no, not 3,5 – really 35 )
Often even thicker sticks are used… hence the broomstick stitch! 😉
What’s is a name! 😉

Broomstick stitch

The pattern of the Infinity and Beyond

This is not my pattern en just copy pasting is not the way to go!  I asked Heidi, who did write down this pattern if it was oké to translate the pattern for my Dutch readers.  She was oké with it.  So here, on the English translation of this article I will link back to her, so you can find the English pattern and all other pattern specifications over there.
If you are Dutch or Belgian and you want the translation, just click on the translate button on my blog and it will take you to the right place to read the Duch version of the pattern!

broomstick stitch
Pattern design by Heidi of Hello Speckless – translated by Ilse on Kreanimo

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