Jackson Pollock marble paintings for al ages

Jackson Pollock marble paintings for al ages

Hello everybody!
Welcome to another creative challenge linkparty!  This week the prompt is movement and that wasn’t very easy for me.
Lucky for me I had a trainee teacher who had a lovely project for the fast workers worked out a few weeks ago.

New here?

Maybe it’s your first visit here on Kreanimo and maybe you don’t have a clue what the linkparty crea-cross is all about?!
Well if that’s the case, please go to the crea-cross 2017 page and read some more.

My co-host this week:

Every week there is another Dutch or Belgian blogger who joins in and is my co-host.  Those articles are in Dutch, but they can still inspire.  Please visit Lodi, my co-host for this week!
She has been one of the most enthusiastic participants up to now.

Movement: Crea-cross week 12


Extra activity for fast workers

A couple of weeks ago I had a trainee art teacher in my artroom.  That doesn’t happen too often, but I’m always happy to see young people with new ideas.
It can inspire me.
She had an extra activity for the fast workers.  It was so much fun, most of the kids finished very fast, so they could do the extra activity rather than the original project.

Jackson Pollock

The Action painter, known for his ‘dripping’ technique is Jackson Pollock.  He was an American artist that belongs to the Abstract Expressionism.
He believed that his subconscious told him how to move his brushes and cans.  I don’t think my 14 year olds would by that though!  But experimenting with paint and marbles is for all ages, so it seemed!

Jackson Pollock mini biography

Download here your mini biography of Jackson Pollock

Marble movement on paper

When you move marbles with paint over a sheet of paper, you get works of art very similar to those of Jackson Pollock.
Certainly when you use the primary colors, black and white.
You should protect tables and clothes.
For younger children I wouldn’t use acrylic paint.


shoebox lids
little plastic pots for different colors of paint
protection for table and clothes

Step by step

  1. cover the table and clothes
  2. put a sheet of paper in the lid of the shoe box
  3. lay the marbles in the paint
  4. drop the marbles on the sheet of paper
  5. move the marbles so they ‘paint’ all over the sheet
  6. let it dry


8th grade results:

The autograph

Maybe you see a fingerprint here or there? Those are the autographs of the artists, just like Pollock!


Next week: silence

Next week’s prompt is silence… not so easy!  Hope to see you again next week!

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