Lego Star Wars DIY decoration: Crea-Cross 5: Shadow

Lego Star Wars DIY decoration: Crea-Cross 5: Shadow

star wars DIY decoratie

Hey, nice of you to drop by for this week’s creative linkparty.  The theme is ‘shadow’ and I’m curious what you all will link to this ‘not so easy’ prompt!

Or maybe you just found the Star Wars Lego DIY picture and came looking how I did this.  However you got here: welcome!

How does Crea-Cross work?

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Every week I give you all my interpretation about that week’s prompt.  This week, that prompt is ‘Round’
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Challenge 5: Shadow

This week is somewhat the opposite of last week.  So many party creativity was shared and now we are in the dark shadows!
But shadow can be so beautiful.  It can make or break you drawing or your picture.
Silhouettes are a sort of shadows.  That’s where I got my inspiration for this week.
On Pinterest you often come accross those lego figure heads made of glass jars.  I wanted to do something like this, but with a twist.
That’s how I got to this Star Wars DIY decoration.

Star Wars DIY decoration

Supplies Star Wars DIY decoration

  • Small, empty glass jars – (Yes, think ecological!)
  • Glass paint
  • detergent
  • Acrylic paint
  • Brushes
  • Protection for your table
  • Template of the lego star wars figures: free download at I Am Momma.
  • Cutter machine *
  • Black stickers to cut with the cutter**
    * Or a friend who lend you the cutter.
    ** Or a leftover from the same friend who lend you the cutter machine 😉 (That’s what friends are for!)

Step by step Star Wars DIY decoration

  1. Wash the labels off the jar.
  2. Degrease the inside of the jar
  3. Put a little glass paint into the jar, close the lid and shake so the paint can spread.
  4. Let it dry
  5. Stick the cut out figures on the outside
  6. Repeat all the above steps for the next jar
  7. Paint the third jar with acrylic paint, but make sure you mix it with some detergent.  The paint will stick better!
  8. Let it dry
  9. Draw the face with a black permanent marker on the jar.
  10. You can use the transparant Star Wars DIY decoration as candle holders.  Beware, with children you better use battery candles.

Star Wars DIY decoration

Next week’s prompt is ‘time’

Not an easy one, but I believe in you all!

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