Paint with silk paper DIY – step by step instructions for all ages

Paint with silk paper DIY – step by step instructions for all ages

Did you know that you can paint with silk paper? Not as accurate as when you would use a brush and paint, but it does work. The paper and the colors often have a will of their own, but that makes it exciting for the artists.

How to paint with silk paper on canvas

Sometimes art projects go totally different in class than you intended. My eight graders were supposed to use this ‘paint with silk paper’ technique to make a background on their canvas to paint over. But when they were done they didn’t want to paint anything over them!

“No, Miss! What if we paint over it totally messes things up?” – They loved the results very much!

And sometimes a good teacher has to listen tot her pupils! We decided to leave them just the way they were!

paint with silk paper


What do you need to paint with silk paper on canvas?

  • a canvas (duh 😉 )
  • water
  • brushes
  • silk paper in different colors
  • scissors
  • old newspapers or other protection for your table
  • protection for your clothes and if you want platic gloves for your hands.

How to paint with silk paper step by step

  • Chose the colors you want to use. Think of a pattern, that makes it easier!
  • Cut out the shape(s) you want to use in diferent colors.
  • ‘glue’ the pieces on the canvas, using only water! This way, when the the pieces of silk dry, you can just swipe them off. The color will stick on the canvas.
  • You can mix colors by ‘gluing’ different colors on top of each other.
  • Let the ‘painting’ dry. Make sure to protect the spot you let the canvas dry! The pigment on the paper is a killer for untreated wood. Your hands will need a good saok!

Watch out!

  • as I said silk paper, when wet, will get color everywhere! Protect your works space, drying space, clothes and hands!
  • When dry little pieces of silk paper will fall off the canvas when you walk by because they are very light! So best you put it in a space where you don’t walk by it every 5 minutes if you don’t want to be pick up lots of pieces of paper! 😉

12509651_1065066023545544_845624711752621782_n schilderen met zijdepapier

Paintining with silk paper is ideal to use in projects about shapes and color and even patterns.
The result will be surprising every time!
Little children can do this already, but the older ones will enjoy it too because of the surprise effect it brings!
I still think it will work well as a background too!

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