Limited Edition Coca-Cola bottle: DIY of art project.

Limited Edition Coca-Cola bottle: DIY of art project.

limited edition coca-cola bottle

My student teacher did an awesome project with my eight graders on these limited edition coca-cola bottle project.
He gets all the credit, I even asked him if I could share and use his pictures.
The pictures are all his, except the ones of the results.

Introduction to the limited edition Coca-Cola bottle.

This lesson is easy to link to the pop-art period.  Andy Warhol did some great Coca-Cola paintings.

This is a great opportunity to talk about modern artists like Modrian, Picasso, Britto, Miro, Kandinsky, Niki de Saint Phalle… all the ones who would look great on a bottle! 😉

Project: limited edition Coca-Cola bottle:

Try to use all the sames size bottles, that’s so much nicer to make pictures when the project is done.
You can start with glueing the newspaper onto the bottle.
When the glue is drying, you can start with the Pop-Art and design part.
Have some blowdryers at hand to dry the white layers of paint.  That way you don’t lose too much time.

* wall paper glue

* old newspapers
* empty plastic coca-cola bottles
* acryllic paint
* black waterproof markers
* varnish
* sketchbook for the design

Step by step

stap 1
3 layers of old newspaper get glued on the bottle with wall paper glue. Be sure to remove the label!
stap 2
When the layers are dry, paint the bottle white.

ongwerp flesje

They designed in their sketchbooks.

tekenen op flesje
They put the design on the dry bottle with pencil
And traced the lines with a waterproof marker.
Then they painted the bottle as they designed it in their sketchbook.
The dry bottles get a layer of varnish and they get their label back.

Great project for middle school

This a project that works well in several grades, but the middle school kids will love them.
Make sure you give them lots of artist to chose from, that way you’ll have many different bottles to show.

Pin limited editon coca-cola bottles for later

limted edition coca-cola bottles

6 Replies to “Limited Edition Coca-Cola bottle: DIY of art project.”

  1. What a wonderful idea for middle school students! Do you have a Teachers Pay Teachers website where this lesson can be purchased for download?

  2. Amazing lesson, would love to use this for my grade 5. Could you please provide me your lesson plan on this topic

  3. Did you cut off the labels and reattach them when their art was complete? They look great! (Bottles and labels both!)
    I have used rice based “Elmers Paper Mache Glue.” It does not mold and no “wheat allergies.” I save “mis-feeds” from the copy room for the students to use—the white side out makes for easier paint coverage. And not so many newspapers are around these days!

  4. I love this! I’m going to try it with my fourth and fifth graders in Art Club! Thank you for sharing!

  5. I skipped the paper mache part and used tempera sticks to paint the bottle. It doesn’t look quite as cool, but it saved a lot of time and mess.

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