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Ikea Hack DIY wrapping paper with Mala drawing paper

Ikea Hack DIY wrapping paper with Mala drawing paper

ikea hack DIY wrapping paper


Oh no! Out of wrapping paper

I’m so good in not having enough wrapping paper or being out of wrapping paper on the most frustrating moments.
Since I have thought about this hack, I always have spare paper at home.
The best thing about this hack is the fun the kids have when stamping it together, no doubt about it!

Ikea hack DIY wrapping paper with Mala drawing paper.

A few weeks ago I bought foam stamps that go nicely with Christmas decorations.  There’s an angel, a christmastree, a bell, a snow-flake and a gingerbread man.
I have foam stamps in many different designs, so you could do this one for easter or a birthday too!
If you don’t have those stamps, you can do wonders with a pototo! 😉

Supplies you need:
* Mala drawing paper from Ikea
* gouache paint (Acrylic works too, but I wouldn’t recommend it with children!)
* foam stamps or potatoes
* paintbrushes

Ikea hack DIY wrapping paper: step by step

  1. Put a large piece op the paper on the table and use tape on the edges to flatten
  2. Make a plate for every color you want to use and put a brush on it.
  3. Explain to the kids that you use a different brush for each color.
  4. Show them how it’s done: paint the stamp with the brush and ‘stamp’ on the piece of paper on the table.
  5. Tell the kids to spread around the designs and the colors.
  6. Make sure they stamp on all the empty spaces, so the wrapping paper looks ‘full’
  7. Let the wrapping paper dry
  8. Let the wrapping begin!


Don’t let them use the paint too thick.  That way it won’t smudge!

Personal is so much more

Personal wrapping paper is so much more… So even if you arn’t ‘out’, you can still use this hack to make wrapping paper.  It’s fun to do and quite cheap.



This is how the presents looked when my son (6) and my eldest daughter (4) helped stamping and wrapping!  Hope you’ll all like this hack!  Merry Christmas!
Please let me know if you use this ikea hack DIY wrapping paper, I’m curious to see your results!


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Cutest bauble DIY – And throw away the color schemes!

Cutest bauble DIY – And throw away the color schemes!

Yesterday we brought some Christmas spirit in the house.
My husband is leaving vor Quebec today and we really wanted to decorate the tree together.
Last year he went to China for his job for three long weeks.
This time it’s just for one week and he has to fly a measly eight hours!  China is about ten to twelve hours from Schiphol.

Christmas decoration inside and outside the house.


cutest bauble

Boxes with Christmas lights, baubles and other ornaments were brought down from the attic.  We started all together, it has become a tradition to do the decorating with the whole family.
I really thought I had broken the top ornament last year, but there was one in the box!  Did I really buy a new one already without remembering?
And there it was, my all time favorite bauble, the custest bauble for our tree: the one with the snowy handpring of my youngest.
She made this one at her nanny last year.  I absolutely adore it.

cutest bauble

The cutest bauble step by step:

  1. Buy a bauble, preferably one that doesn’t break, because it can break you heart when it shatters into pieces after 16 years 😉
  2. Paint the hand of your child with DIY glue.
  3. Put the handprint on the bauble
  4. Sprinkle some fake snow or glitter on the glue.
  5. Let it dry.
  6. Put a nice ribbon on it too, so it’s easy to hang it in the tree.
  7. Your cutest bauble is ready to make you smile every year when you decorate the tree!

Pinecone flower craft – all year long!

Throw out the color scheme.

The color of our cutest bauble doesn’t really fit the color scheme I picked out. Before I had kids that would have been a reason to not put it in.
But now there’s a ‘Cars’ bauble and one of ‘Minnie Mouse’, there are handmade ornaments the kids painted in bright (but wrong color scheme) colors.
And still, now our three is more beautiful than ever.  The decorations on the lower half are bigger in numbers too, the higher the less there is to look at.
So I threw out the color scheme.  Memories that go along with all the ornaments make the tree much more special now than years ago!


Thanks to nanny Cindy who always finds beautiful DIY crafts to do with the kids!