Self-portraits like Gustave Klimt – crea-cross linkparty

Self-portraits like Gustave Klimt – crea-cross linkparty

Hello everybody!  Nice to see you all again on this creative Thursday!  Ready to go ahead with a new linkparty theme in Crea-Cross?

Hope you can all come and join in linking your creative articles on self-portrait drawings or photographs!



Self-portraits in photography

Maybe you couldn’t tell, but I did have some photography courses up to now.  I use Pixaby or Unsplash way too much for my blog.  Lack of time is my excuse, but I actually do love making pictures.  At highschool I learned it the old fashioned way.  We went into the dark room and everything!  Where’s the time?!

When I bought my digital camera I didn’t have a clue how to use it an always made my pictures on full automatic!  Such a shame!  So I went on a new photography course to get to know my new camera and to learn how to use it better!

For all those of you who do come and read but say you don’t have te patients of the skills to craft or draw… this is your chance!  Take your camera or your smartphone: it’s selfie time!  Don’t forget to have fun!  And make the portaits about yourself and not just of yourself!

Gustav Klimt

Gustav Klimt mini biography

Dowload the Gustav Klimt Mini biography here

Gustave Klimt is a Austrian painter that’s part of the Jugenstill.  He is known for his ‘tree of life’ and ‘the kiss’.
My colleague did a project in class that’s inspired on one of Art Projects for kids .
The project uses gold an silver markers on black paper.  She used scratch paper instead.


Step by step

  • Print a picture of the heads of the kids.
  • Cut out the heads and glue them on the scratch paper.
  • Scratch clothes in Gustav Klimt style: patterns all the way!
  • Draw the trees of life next to the self-portrait.

*we used the black rectangles to make sure the kids privacy is taken care of.

Leonie van Sugarframe

Today my co-host is Leonie van Sugarframe. She loves to take pictures, so I’m hoping she did soms self-portraits for her inspiration post!


Next week you can all go crazy with the next prompt: blue!
All creative sea projects, blue knitted scarfs, drawings in blue markers or whatever you can come up with!
Have a lovely creative week!

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