Lizard like Gaudi mosaïc – artclass project

Lizard like Gaudi mosaïc – artclass project

Mosaïcs – art into pieces!

Antoni Gaudi used a special method of putting pieces of ceramics and glass in cement.  Lovely mosaïcs were made this way.
One of his most famous works is the one in Parc Guëll in Barcelona, called the lizard.  All over the parc you can find mosaïcs like this!


Collage like the lizard of Gaudi


  • Shape of a lizard, printed out for small children, drawn by the bigger ones! 😉
  • Watercolor
  • table protection
  • scissors
  • colored paper
  • glue stick
  • salt
  • large watercolor paper (stronger paper)

Step by step:

  • Cut out the lizard shape.
  • Cut the colored paper in small pieces.
  • Put the pieces on the lizard shape, make sure to think about the pattern of the colors.
  • Glue them onto the shape.
  • Draw the shape of a stone on the large white paper, make sure the lizard will fit on the ston.
  • Paint the shape with watercolors and put salt on it when the paint is still wet.
  • Let it dry.
  • Wipe off the dried salt.
  • Cut out the stone.
  • Glue the lizard onto the stone.

Watercolor and salt technique

Why you should put salt on the wet paint, you ask?  Well, it’s a super fun technique and gives a nice stone like effect.
The salt will take the water and the paint in and make a lovely structure.
It’s always a surprise how it will turn out!
Kitchen salt gives a more subtle structure, sea salt will give large ‘stains’.

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lizard like Gaudi art project

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