Clocks craft DIY Crea-cross linkparty 6 ‘Time’

Clocks craft DIY Crea-cross linkparty 6 ‘Time’


Last week’s prompt was a difficult one!  Not many of you came to the linkparty.
Welcome to this week’s crea-cross prompt: time

How does Crea-Cross work?

If you already know this part, you can skip to the next title. ?

Every week I give you all my interpretation about that week’s prompt.  This week, that prompt is ‘time’
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The others

Every week other bloggers co-host crea-cross with me, so be sure to check their blogs out!

This week Fleur, blogger at Miz Flurry will join me, so be sure to go there for a visit too!

Challenge number six: Time

This easy clocks craft inspiration came to me because of something that happened to my son at school.

He was crafting a clock at school, but he had done something wrong and had to start over.
He didn’t have time to finish though!
And it made him really frustrated.

I told him we could make our own clock at home.
He wasn’t so sure, because mommy didn’t have those special gold pins (linchpins) at home.
Well, his mom is a crafty mom, so little did he know! 😉

Clocks crafts


  • clock printable
  • colored pencils, markers, stamp, stickers….
  • scissors
  • laminating machine and foil
  • linchpin

Step by step clock craft 

  1. print out clock printable
  2. let your children color and decorate the clocks
  3. cut out the clocks and the hands
  4. the laminating machine should be warming up by now
  5. put the clocks and the hands between the laminating foil
  6. laminate the clocks
  7. cut out the clocks again. Make sure you leave about half a centimetre from the edge of the clock.
  8. make a little hole in the hands and the middle of the clocks
  9. put the linchpin trough the holes in the hands and the clocks itself
  10. READY

Next week’s prompt is welcome

So excited to see what you will bring to this week and next week’s challenges.
Welcome can be about a baby, about coming home, letting people feel welcome…


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What movie inspired my son’s clock (on the right?) 😉 


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